Music makes us move

This gallery includes paintings that portray music in multiple themes. Music has a great influence on people and this is displayed through different pieces of artwork as such.

Farmer's Music depicts Korean farmers dancing. The focus of the painting, the middle farmer, shows how much they enjoyed dancing to music. The farmers dance is now a traditional dance in Korea.
In this painting it shows a lady playing an instrument at a table while people are eating. This represents how music plays an important role in any situation. Music sets the mood as we eat.
Small music boy depicts a boy enjoying himself as he plays a drum. It shows that even at a young age people enjoy music. People will try to move to music even when they're playing an instrument.
The Country Dance focuses on the people that have the light shined on them. However, the dark background also helps the setting of the painting. This shows that people enjoy moving to music anywhere.
In Dance before a Fountain it depicts how people can come together to enjoy music with each other. Whether they are dancing or sitting, they are enjoying themselves. Music can be enjoyed anywhere.
This painting puts its focal point on the musicians. The setting gives off a calm mood by the musicians being relaxed and having the light mainly on them. Slight movements are also effects of music.
The Music Party depicts a group of people coming together to play music. It shows that music can even move people to be closer to each other. It can also bring animals, such as the dog, closer too.
With a music shows people coming together to dance and play music. This is another painting that has the setting taking place outside. This is another example of how people can enjoy music anywhere.
Cheering at the Gates of the Farm puts its focal point on the woman in the center of the painting. Feeling of rejoice is sensed in this painting. This is because the woman seems like she is cheering.
In this painting it depicts a room filled with musicians. This also shows the different emotions that were expressed in the painting. Different emotions play an important part in peoples movements.
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