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Mission statement:  Here at The Self-Help Specialists Publishing Company, we know that life can oftentimes be very difficult.  Every year, we publish a variety of literature on topics involving your personal life, your work life, and beyond.  Our goal is to help alleviate each one of our reader’s complications and guide them through whatever difficult time they may be having with first-hand knowledge from leading philosophers, historians, and scientists.

Do you want to have more meaningful relationships with those around you? Do you find that others never describe you as “compassionate” or “caring”? Do you feel like you are not achieving your full potential in life? Are your self-interests holding you back from connecting with others? Have no fear – Frans de Waal’s new book can help solve all these issues, and more! As one of the world’s most prominent primatologists and ethologists, de Waal is a leading authority on animal behavior. He has authored several books using observations from his first-hand research on how primates interact with each other. These findings have proven that primates and humans are not so different from one another, and that humans are in fact naturally empathetic beings. His new publication, “The Age of Empathy” condenses all his relevant research regarding human nature into a helpful guide to ensure that readers are able to restore themselves back to this empathetic state we all are so very capable of. One especially poignant observation was during a food ownership and sharing session that a group of chimpanzees were having. The monkeys first share with their family and close friends, who then share with their family members and close friends. An observer of this situation commented on how he wanted to show it to his kids because “they could learn from it.” In order to survive as humans, we need to harken back to a kinder time where life was not so cutthroat. Life does not always need to feel like a struggle; through cooperation and understanding of other’s needs, everyone can reap the benefits. No other book on the market has such compelling and accurate information – don’t believe us? See what Vikram H. Dewan, president and CEO of the Philadelphia Zoo had to say about “The Age of Empathy”: “Being able to experience how our primates behave and interact with one another, and comparing this to what de Waal says in his book, I completely agree with his guidelines and tips to being a more empathetic person. His many hours out in the field observing things first-hand have definitely paid off, not only for the scientific community, but for the general community as well. You will not regret this read.”
Feel like you’re stuck in a rut at work? Is your motivation to complete work tasks waning? Do you find your daily life mundane, repetitive, and boring? In this informative and varied collection of interviews from people in all different industries, from corporate America, to sports teams, to garbage men, Studs Terkel examines what exactly it is that makes people satisfied with their jobs. You’d be surprised at the types of work that seem to have the most optimistic workers! They’re not always from the most glamorous of jobs… Conversely, Terkel also probes into what causes someone to be unsatisfied with their work as well. These diverse experiences from people across America show you that you are not alone in these feelings – studies have shown that in recent years, people are increasingly reporting unhappiness with their work. By seeing what these people in their interviews have done to combat this unpleasant feeling, you too can follow their lead and change your life around! No other book on the market today has such a wide view of so many career paths, so don’t delay – pick yourself up a copy today! “As a soon-to-be graduating college student, I had no idea what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. However, after reading Terkel’s ‘Working,’ I realized that I should really consider what my true passions are. By following my interests rather than what society expects of me, I hope to be as happy and fulfilled with my job as some of these workers I am emulating.” -Paige Hill, Temple University student
Are you a member of the working class? Do you find yourself at the mercy of the wealthy members of society? Are you sick and tired of being treated unfairly? In Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’s new self-help book, The Communist Manifesto, these are the exact kind of issues being addressed. The struggle between society classes is an issue that has been plaguing the world for many centuries. However, with this helpful new guide, Marx and Engels outline how the working class can combat this treatment, by banding together in a large group. They argue that to defeat capitalism, society must transform into a socialist program, and eventually into a communist government structure. With suggestions like the nationalization of industry, the abolishment of private property and inheritance laws, as well as the mandate that all citizens must work regardless of their social status, Marx and Engels encourage the development of more socialistic and communistic societies. Other suggested fundamental ideals include the expansion of social welfare programs, including but not limited to free education, free healthcare, and housing provisions for all citizens. Within the book, Marx and Engel outline how we can push for these changes to happen within the governing bodies by uniting together and demanding such changes occur. This transformation will no doubt change lives across the globe, leading to a fairer and more equitable society for all. “As a seamstress working in a big factory, I was not treated fairly. I received little pay for my work and found it difficult to make ends meet. However, being that I am from a low class, my opinion does not seem to matter much. I began to lose hope in my future for myself and the rest of my family. However, after reading this book, I realized that my prospects did not have to be so futile. I followed the instructions in this book and began talking with others I worked with to see what we could do to change these conditions. By joining together with my peers as recommended by Marx and Engels, we were able to fight for higher wages and better working conditions. This book has forever changed my life.” -Erica Moyer, 32 year old seamstress
Are you a government leader heavily involved in war? Is this war causing your citizens to feel oppressed and mistreated? Are basic human rights being abused by yourself or by other leaders in power? Do you want to change these behaviors? The United Nations has recently published a “Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” a wide-ranging book recommending new policies to its member nations that should be put in place to prevent such abuses and mistreatment from occurring any longer. In this book, the United Nations urges governments to maintain and protect human dignity, something that all citizens are entitled to by those ruling them. Some of the main tenets with which the United Nations recommends include the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom from fear, and the freedom to an adequate standard of living. When these basic needs are abused, society suffers. Citizens become distrustful in their ruling body and begin to resent those in power. This causes society in general to become less productive. However, this can thankfully all be avoided, or at the very least mitigated, as long as governments implement the policies in this book. Another major theme of this book is the right to an education. When citizens are able to have an education, they are more likely to lead better lives and be productive members of society, which benefits the entire nation and entire world. By respecting the rights of those whom you rule over, conflicts can be avoided and the nation can prosper perpetually. Still not completely sold on whether or not this book can help you? Here is an endorsement from one of the nations who followed the advice of this book and has definitely had their overall society and treatment of citizens improved: “After World War II and the major violations of human rights that occurred from Nazi Germany, the government definitely needed a complete restructuring. By following the guidelines outlined by the United Nations in this book, throughout the years, the German government has been able to transform from a defective group of leaders, to one of the most industrialized nations with the largest national economy and GDP in Europe. If this can work for Germany, it can work for your nation as well.” -Angela Merkel, current Chancellor of Germany
Are you a member of the corporate world and feel that you have been too naïve in your business decisions? Do you aspire to be a politician but worry that it may be difficult to become noticed by the public or move up in the ranks? If this describes you, then Niccolo Machiavelli’s new self-help book The Prince is just what you need! In this fascinating and revolutionary new literature inspired by the events of the Italian Renaissance, Machiavelli inspires his readers to achieve their most far-reaching goals. How, you might ask, is this any different from other books on similar topics? Machiavelli’s angle is one not commonly showcased: that in order to reach the top and reach your full potential, you must do whatever you can to reach them. It may involve stepping on others on the way up, but that is all justified. Sometimes, immoral actions are necessary to achieve these goals. Machiavelli reassures his readers that these negatively viewed action, and sometimes even criminal, deeds may seem bad at first, but once you are able to reach your goal, you will be able to look back at what you have done, and not feel regretful or guilty. The phrase “the ends justify the means” is definitely applicable in the case of Machiavelli’s The Prince. “As a successful businessman for many years, I decided to pick up a copy of The Prince to see if there was anything I could learn from it for my business ventures. However, after I finished the book, I was inspired to do something more with my life: run for President. Machiavellian influences can definitely be seen throughout my political candidacy, as I insult those I think are inferior and say whatever it is that crosses my mind, no matter how controversial. Some people view this as “ridiculous,” “idiotic,” “egotistical,” or “pompous” but hey, if it furthers my career and gives me more media attention to help my brand, who cares!” –Donald Trump, businessman and GOP presidential candidate
Are you a woman who is constantly being compared to men? Do you find yourself being treated inferiorly simply because you are female? Do you feel controlled by the men and gender expectations in your life? Mina Loy’s new book, “Feminist Manifesto,” is the perfect guide to solving all of these problems of how to no longer be an oppressed female of society. In the first of its kind, Loy goes against the norms of society and calls for women to be responsible for their own destinies, and not let men decide it for them. Women and men are different, point blank. Mina Loy understands this and calls for the end of women describing themselves relative to men. For as long as women continue to depend on the male identity, the path towards female freedom will continue to be a losing struggle. Loy urges that we as women must get past this dependence and establish our own independent self-hoods and identities. In this book, Loy recommends that women go off on their own paths and determine what it is that they want in life, no matter what they feel society wants them to do. No matter if they choose to be a mother and stay at home raising children, or going to college and working a corporate job, as long as they reached that decision without influence from others, it is the right choice. Women should not let men, or anyone for that matter, dictate what path they will follow. This ensures that all women are able to reach their full potential and will not feel as if they missed out on leading a productive life. “This book has the potential to revolutionize women’s lives. Gone will be the days of women depending on their husbands for everything and having no real power over their lives. Loy’s insight on the female psyche and how society needs to change are incredible. This book is a must-read for any female, no matter the age or status.” – Claire Patterson, leading American feminist
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