Jordan's color galley 

The Color Wheel,Primary colors,Secondary colors,Tertiary colors,Complimentary colors,Cool colors,Warm colors,Analogous colors,Split colors,Monochromatic colors...!

Analogous Type of photo. I say this because it has two main colors that you really can't see because they all taken place in the darkness (Purple,Blue)
Tertiary Type Photo. I say this because this picture has the like the whole color wheel attached.All colors -Yellow -Purple -Orange -Green -red etc
This picture is more like an warm color picture because the warm color on the color wheel would be blue, green,orange and i think a little hint of gray.I say this because these colors appear to advance towards you and also stand out more to you than other colors.
Split complementary. Its like a cool ,chilled out kinda picture. Its a cool day so im going to sit in the house for the day type photo.
This picture is an Monchromaric kind of picture because their are certain colors Monchormaric uses such as; Blue, Green ,and also black. Its more like an dark image with slight shadow.
I would say this picture is more of an cool color type image because the picture gives you planty details that it is an warm color type of photo ,which is the beautiful colorful flowers,trees,path ways.I say this because cool colors have like bright colors. -Blue -Yellow
Complementary Color. Its plenty colors going on in this picture but you only spot the yellow the most because it stands out more.
This picture would be an secondary kind of picture because because blue,orange ,and a slight purple.They are achieved by mixing two primary colors together which is blue and orange.
tertiary triadic . i say this because its more darker colors than light.
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