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I enjoy this painting because it's delicately made thanks to the posture of the goddess of the hunt, stood on one feet. She's made in bronze, a rich materiel, reflecting the admiration of the painter.
This painting is very interesting because the woman is highlighted thanks to her skin. In fact, she is surrounded by dark wooden element, her dress is black but her skin is extremely white.
I choose this drawing because the only "color" is the grey outline of the dancer. Otherwise, she's not colored and be considered a sort of "empty". It reminds me the lightness that needs a ballerina.
I like this painting because when I zoomed, I saw how much work did the painter. The sky,made in a plenty shades of blue, threatens the village. The shadows on the walls make the scene more realistic.
As it is mentioned, this painting reminds me France. This piece of art almost bewitch us because the different shapes of the sky and the clouds hypnotized us. The wheat field is blurred : magic is in the air.
I choose this painting because living in Boston area, it's a familiar scene. I enjoyed the several contrast. The purity of the snow and the black coat, umbrella. In fact, the white color can symbolize birth and the black mourning. Then, the snow shows the cold weather and the light of the lantern or the orange color in the back reflect the warm atmosphere.
I'm really surprised by this painting because this dance is supposed to be joyful but the color are not. In fact, the musicians wear black suits and the top of the woman dress is black too. However, we can divide the painting in two parts : on the left side there is the musicians who play in a serious way, this side is the darkest of the painting. The right side of the painting is more colorful because the women wear orange or red and the seem to move in an energetic way. This is the dancer who divides these two moods.
I select this painting because I enjoy pale colors which match perfectly with the soothsayer spirit of this piece of art. It's soothing, relaxing and the painting catches us because we don't use to see several angels who are playing with swans in the sky.
I decide to pick this painting because it's enigmatic. In fact, the walls, the background and the ground are dark and blurred. It means that the painter wanted us to focus on the woman. All our attention is on her because she wears a white dress which is lighted. The woman's face is mysterious because we don't really know what's her feelings.
This painting expresses a sort of sadness. A man is sleeping which shows how hard and painful life was. Both women's face are completely frozen. The time stoppes. All we can do is trying to analyze their thoughts, and what they feel inside their heart. The color of the cloths, the atmosphere inside the vehicle are clues.
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