Color, line, shape, space, composition.

COLOR: Colors all come from the three primaries and black and white. They have three properties – hue, value, and intensity. Most people notice COLOR first. The muted COLORS here feel like rain.
Bright, intense COLORS communicate action and battle.
LINE: Line is the path of a point moving through space. Thin flowing LINES show King Gayumarth naming his son as his successor.
Bold LINES contrast the sparrows and bamboo against the snow.
SHAPE / FORM Hokusai captures powerful motion with many swirling and curving SHAPES.
Bonde (the artist) uses a few sharp geometric SHAPES to create a bold mask.
SPACE / PERSPECTIVE: The painter uses shadow and shading to create illusions of space depth (perspective).
We can walk around sculptures in real space to see their actual height, width, and depth.
COMPOSTION: The organization of an artwork’s formal elements. The actor’s face is shown up close with his shoulders and arms. His eyes are looking up and he is ready to spring into action.
The king is front and center, staring, confronting the viewer. We see his full body and his weapons to emphasize his power and might. Two fierce warriors stand guard with feet firmly planted.
Credits: All media
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