I chose this piece because I thought the colors used were very soft and pretty. It gives the flowers a realistic feeling to them.
I chose this piece because it was interesting to me. I liked the writing at the top then the beautiful painting at the bottom.
I love the color contrast in this painting.
I like the style this piece was drawn in. It makes nature look a bit more whimsical yet still beautiful.
What I like about this painting is that the brights are bright and the darks are almost black. The contrast adds drama.
I picked this piece because to me it was rendered nicely. Not too much detail but enough to make it look realistic.
The contrast in this photo makes the whole composition dramatic and the flowers look beautiful.
These tea cups have very small but beautiful paintings of things in nature on them. I would love to have tea cups like this.
I love the dimensions of this piece and all of the lovely flowers.
I chose this one because I love she writing mixed with the pictures.
In this painting the emotion that I feel the most is sadness because the flowers are cut and are on what looks like a floor and not in a vase. I like the feeling of sadness/abandonment it gives off.
This piece has a nice texture due to the way it was painted and I like the color scheme.
I love the way the flowers pop off of the blue background.
I chose this piece because I liked how about half or the color comes from the actual material he painted on, and the color scheme is very minimalistic.
I really like how dark this picture is. It makes me think of a part of a song "If I told you a flower bloomed in a dark room would you trust it?" by Kendrick Lamar in his song Poetic Justice.
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