Land of the Free

A little trip back in time through the United States. Shows how beautiful the country once was as well as other styles of art showing the different styles used. Created by Aaron Frey.

President John Adams portrait was created in 1826. This painting shows aspects of the President, due to the way he sits low in his chair. The brushwork was softer from the first painting Stuart completed in 1806 due to his ageing.
Childe Hassam usually stayed with the pure black and white effects, in 1915 though Hassam made many paintings with coloe. Atthe age of 57 he made this with energetic strokes creating a shimmering light effect.
Boston Harbor is well know for many reasons, this shows us how beautiful it was in the mid 1800s. Filled with ships also showing how busy it was going in and out of the Harbor.
This is wonderful piece of art work, showing the eveloution of Atlanta Gerogia from 1896 to 1996. This was created in 1996 due to the Olympics for that year was going on in ATL, showing how the city grew with the Geogia Dome and Braves Field to how bit looked at that time in the back of the painting.
Texas state flower is the bluebonnet, and if you have ever been in the spring time this photo is accurate! The field of blue as far as you can see before the major roads and cities cut back on how beautiful and full parts of Texas were.
The color and realisitc touch of this painting brings to life as if you were there in the canyon. Thomas Moran shows us the beauty of the land in that time, the different shades of color.
Joseph Stella throughout his career as a painter he would return to the Brooklyn Bridge due to at that time being an icon of American architecture. He saw it as a "shrine" of how the civilization was growing in America. He made this painting as a modern day altar with the cables raising up and gothic arches.
Albert captured in this painting not only the valley but life as well, with the bear in the bottom corner. Showing the lighting of the sunrise and the darkness of what has yet to be hit be the sun brings a realistic feel.
George Luks was known for paintings with spirt of the moment type theme. This one he shows American and allied flags with fireworks and people celebrating after winning the first World War. Blurred background and having few people standing out, as well as flags waiving throughout the painting.
Beyond the trees you can see the mountains covered in snow as well as the deers resting under the tree. in 1876 Whittredge captured it all in this and using the correct shading and coloring to bring this to life.
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