Modern Abstract Elements - Toby Horn

Abstract art is something that can look different for everybody, it has no defined figure or look. Using a series of shapes and patterns, you can create amazing imagery that may mean something different to everybody that views it. This gallery will let you explore what makes abstract art from the modern time so stunning.

This fascinating piece uses shapes, mostly triangles, to display a sense of chaos. Blue seems to be the main color in the color palette used on this painting. All of the lines used in this art are straight and overlap other lines to create what appears to be overlapping layers. There isn't much of a pattern on this piece, it appears to be a barrage of triangles randomly placed.
Looking at this from far away viewers may not notice the few designs that blend into the center of this piece. The focal point of this seems to be those designs. The top two are identical in shape, but not pattern, and are mirrored to each other unlike the one on the bottom that is unbalanced. The colors used are mostly warm colors, which makes the viewer feel at ease when viewing this piece of art.
This piece of art is made up of squares that use a grayscale color palette. The lines within this piece are mostly straight and either horizontal or vertical. The lines also seem to get thinner as they create smaller squares. Even though there doesn't seem to be any pattern outside of squares, this painting does seem to be balanced.
The first thing the viewer will notice about this piece is the checker pattern line. The shapes contained within this piece are squares and rectangles, each with their own unique color. Below the checkered line, viewers can see a square which seems to be divided by three unique shapes, which may be the focal point of this image.
The piece depicted here is made up of wavy lines and a single color background. The curvy lines make this artwork feel as though it is moving, almost like a flowing river. The lines get thinner as they go towards the top of the canvas, this technique shows off the depth of the image and gives it proportion by making it look as if it is getting further away.
Using a variation of shapes and lines, this image forms what looks like a humanoid figure. The lines are jagged and don't have an exact pattern, yet form various shapes that combine to make the figure. The background shows that there is a lot of space around the figure, making it the focal point of this artwork.
This is a simple, yet powerful piece. It is made up of a black and white checkered pattern that get smaller at a specific point, making the viewer's eyes see a flowing movement. All of the lines are straight and form squares that slowly turn into vertical rectangles to give off an optical illusion.
The piece shown here uses straight lines to create almost square panes that display different figured, such as a sun, a cog wheel, and waves. The colors used are mostly gray and yellow with the occasional red and blue. The entire piece looks at though an array of pictures were squeezed into one, which makes the image feel cramped.
This image use jagged lines and depth to form what appears to be a pile of objects. The shapes used seem to be irregular shapes with a gradient that gets brighter as they get closer to the center. Since it appears to be a pile of shapes, it feels as if the image is confined to the center.
This interesting piece of art creates a gun out of a fabric using mostly a zigzag pattern. Using small lines, the texture of the gun looks as if it would feel fuzzy. The focal point of this piece appears to be the silver parts, which may be highlighting the main parts that allow a gun to fire.
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