One point perspective

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. Arianna Schwartz. 

Foreground: The first set of pillars and the ceiling. Middle ground: Underneath the second arch in the corridor. Background: The opening in the back of the hallway.
Foreground: The two pillars Middle ground: The main room of the palace Background: The open window and trees/sky
Foreground: The dog and the food Middle ground: The people and the cat Background: The open door with the sky showing through
Foreground: The steps and ceiling of the church. Middle ground: The fountain and center of the church. Background: The back wall and ceiling of the church.
Foreground: The front two buildings and people. Middle ground: The boat and people further away. Background: The sky, buildings, boats, and people further down the canal.
Foreground: The two women standing in front of the building. Middle ground: The men working on the brick wall. Background: The mountains and castles in the back.
Foreground: The people in tents and under umbrellas. Middle ground: The people walking the streets and around the buildings. Background: The building with the dome on top.
Foreground: The pillars and the two women walking. Middle ground: The two dogs running. Background: The woman and child talking in the back.
Foreground: The first room on the left and the people next to it. Middle ground: Where most of the people are standing next to the pews. Background: The room behind the room in the foreground, where there is a small corridor.
Foreground: The monks and children in the first room. Middle ground: The pillars and opening in between the two rooms. Background: The closed corridor behind the pillars.
Credits: All media
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