Composition in oil Paint portraits

I really like how the eye goes from the outstretched arm and follows down to the elbow like a pleasant slide :)
I like how the most eye catching aspects of the photo are separated by a nearly blank space between the top and bottom.
The placement of the lady is in the middle at her head and torso, but slowly drifts off to take over the bottom left.
The lady's face is top center and framed by the flowers, but she also drifts down to the bottom left as accentuated by the folds in her dress.
The man is dead center, but his clothes seem to intertwine to the middle as the viewer goes down the canvas.
The man is placed on the left, but his hat glides over to the right and is nicely framed by the circular border.
The three brightest parts of the portrait are secluded by black background in the middle of the canvas.
The man is very robust, but like the opposite of an hour glass he goes from a small head to a large stomach to small feet.
George is off to the right, but abruptly intrudes on the left space with his arm which brings attention to the objects on the table next to him.
The man is centered, but slightly cocked off to the left.
The character is centered, but the line on her dress mostly all go vertical.
The focus is on the left side of the portrait and glides down to the center.
The man is slightly off center, but slowly drifts to the other side of the canvas by the time the viewer gets to his feet.
The focus shifts from the man's face down to his legs in a gentle slope.
The majority of interesting things in the picture take over the left side of the canvas.
Credits: All media
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