Mike Stephany

I like this piece a lot because its kind of confusing and I think it can mean something different to everyone.
This piece is also very strange. I like the set up of the whole room. I don't really understand it fully but I do like it.
I mostly like the name of this one. I really enjoy the night sky and I think theres a lot of mystery in it.
I think this one has a real cool feel to it. I guessing that they are military.
This one reminds me a lot of my deployments to Afghanistan. Event though its very simple along with the next few but they all tell an in detail story
I like this one how there is one person taking a picture of someone else taking a picture of the same thing.
This painting has really cool texture to it and the name is very light and happy but to me the painting looks evil and it looks like there burning a body
I have never seen a last supper scene that looked like this one. Im not sure if I like it better but its for sure different.
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