The theme for my final is beauty. I dont believe that there is beauty in everything because then nothing would be beautiful. You cant have beauty without ugly, that would be like having night without day. All the pictures that ive chosen are beautiful, even the ironic ones, like the one with the sophisticated man who tags vandal on a wall. I think its beautiful because its what you least expect. 

In this picture you see an eye crying with a rose as the tear, this is interesting to me because the eyes are the window to the soul. Its beautiful because you can really see someone in their eyes.
I think this picture is cool because its a woman who wrote got my soul in red paint, but the paint can represent blood and she is saying that she no longer has a soul.
I really liked this picture because it reminds me of Buddha. Its calm but modern, it portrays peace in a modern way. The bed of flowers hes sitting on represents peace and beauty.
The spray cans in this picture represent the different types of artists that use these cans. It represents the feelings of the artists.
Leonardo was right when he said all things are dark in nature except where exposed to light because everything in life is dark except when you have a positive enough outlook.
This picture is rad because the woman in the picture is relaxing while smoking. Shes in another space, shes a goddess.
I like this just because i think a womans body is beautiful, its a work of art in its own.
This woman is a natural beauty. I feel like she represents beauty in a not so beautiful place.
The little boy in this picture is holding up a sign that translates to "when i grow up i want to be happy", he no longer wants to live in the streets, and happiness is important.
This picture speaks to me because its a beautiful woman that looks damaged and put down, i think that means that even beautiful things can be damaged.
I liked this because its simple, its making you question yourself, it makes you wonder.
Flowers are beautiful, and so is a womans body, the flowers are strategically placed in a womans most beautiful place.
I think this defies what you think because the man looks sophisticated but in reality he is a self proclaimed vandal.
I think this represents that young men go to war and die, boy soldiers, babies, are dying in war.
This means that most art we see today isnt true works of art because lets be honest, not everyones an artist, but thats okay not everyone can be beyonce or michael jackson now a days.
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