High contrast mythology - Thomas Brooks

For this gallery, I have assembled works based entirely on mythology and religion, that feature large amounts of contrast. I believe this to be an effective and evocative pairing, when considering that mythology and religion couple with the elements of contrast, light and dark, good and evil, in their stories and morality plays.

This painting depicts the god Tor battling giants. Thor himself is depicted with his hammer Mjolnir wearing a bright red tunic, whereas the giants and animals are depicted in much darker colors
Depicted here is the demigod Adonis' death, with Venus and others lamenting over him. Adonis, and the other gods are brightly lit with light colors, with the close background very dark and ominous.
Here is the death of Icarus, and others lamenting his death. While the nymphs are bright white, Icarus himself is much darker, and his wings are engulfed in darkness.
Here is Diana and Endymion in oil on canvas. The style itself looks similar to many baroque paintings, with bright skin, dark surroundings, and splashes of deep red.
Here are the mythological beings Perseus and Andromeda. This was chosen because the painting is mostly very brightly lit, with deep colors, though it is punctuated by the deepest black at its center.
Here is Achilles being educated by a centaur. Achilles, the main subject is brightly lit with pale skin, while his surroundings are dark and brooding.
Here Hercules holds Delanira over a dead man. The use of shadows surrounding Hercules, who holes a woman draped in bright red is typical of this sort of mythological painting.
Venus being caressed by Mars, while Cupid lays beside them. Venus is pale with bright skin, and the background is hidden by a great deal of shadow.
A young girl attempts to prevent Eros (erotic love) from overtaking her. The two subjects themselves are rather dimly lit, compared to the rest of these paintings, but the interesting blue cloth drew me to this.
Cupid, the god of love and Psyche, the mind, argue over what is best. Both are displayed against a totally black background, possibly representing the mindscape, with only the subjects are detailed.
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