Love is shown through many expressions. From lines to bronze affection of love will be shown. When creativity meets warmth, you get love. These are the affection of love. Showing that love is measure by showing love.

This lady cupid will show you love. This bronze piece will show the imagination of love.
Hope is showing that a mother love is show by giving her child drink from her breast. This sculpture shows love.
A Heart that gives is a heart that shows. The metal piece that is plashed with red shows love.
This painting his showing a surrealism of love. Two ladies are in the wheat field receiving a token of love from another woman.
This picture of love shows the deep colors of a promise love. This shows the love of Time Square.
This piece is a showing of a old man loving a woman. This shows a brique style of painting.
The sculpture shows what it means to love. It shows a man and woman intertwined in love.
This picture shows the love for the city. With this graffiti nature, it is saying I love you.
This Renaissance piece shows that Mars loves Venus in united love. This is showing love.
Just painting really shows that Cupid love to give even psyche love.
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