in the eye of the beholder

I chose this because of its name. "Virgin and Child". even though there is no reference to Christ, it is implied that there lies the importance.
This work I chose do to her face. for some reason the artist herself (self portrait)chose to paint herself and her face out of a portrait while being its subject.
I chose this because the name "Eve" implied first woman. great importance and she seems ashamed. the texture and color almost looks as if its a camera and not a brush. painter is judging.
This work seems special to me. suggests hardship but not for a specific person. just one that wants to cry alone. I think woman is more beautiful due to crying
this I selected because of its rich colors and simple beauty. woman with flower. happens to be tehitian, perhaps thus the beautiful coloring. even though she lacks smile she seems happy.
woman looks well cared for, but more that she takes care of the boy while taking care of herself and doing a good job at both.
the color flows beautifully in this, almost dreamlike. though I know not many woman who read while nude, I find this incredible.
due to the year I must ask myself if this was a study in school or the artist commissioned to commemorate a moment for some reason. i want to know why this was painted.. what has happened?
I chose this work because I am familiar with its style. My polish grandmother has one similar to it. vary beautiful.
I like how this represents so many woman both historically as well as presently. even though it lacks physical color you can still feel its presence. a picture worth 1000 words
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