The Beauty of Well Composed Chairs and Seats

A gallery celebrating practical art at its finest: chairs.

This armchair was selected for the gallery as it is a chair. It is a small chair, and probably very uncomfortable.
Selected for being a chair, this piece is uniquely designed for children, with magnificent engravings against the back.
This piece was selected for being a very sturdy chair. This chair could probably withstand the weight of at least fourteen clocks.
This is the first chair in the gallery that has armrests. Selected for its excellence in being a chair, this seat provides unparalleled comfort for people with arms.
This chair is an incredible piece for its perfect blending of hammock and armchair. It was selected for this gallery for the chair-like composition it possesses.
This chair has a massive green cushion that would function even better as a comfy pillow. Selected for its exquisite chair shape.
This chair was selected for its unique composition, as it seems to possess a special hole for people who like to hide things underneath their posteriors.
This chair would be very uncomfortable if not for the magnificent cushion that resides on the seat. The rest of the composition is an amazing achievement in wood.
This seat is uniquely open, with two directions for sitting instead of one, seemingly made for manly men who refuse to cross their legs while sitting. Selected for being a very manly chair.
Probably the most regular chair in this gallery, this seat was selected for fulfilling the basic requirements for being a chair.
This seat was selected for its chair-like shape, even though it is more cushion than chair, and can double as a trampoline if nobody is watching.
This beautiful easy chair was selected for its composition and comfort. Rumor has it that it was created by combining the pelt of Blue from Blue's Clues with the design of Steve's shirt.
We don't have anything witty to say about this sofa. It looks amazing to sit on, and we would probably fall asleep immediately after resting on it. A perfect chair choice for the gallery.
Although this chair is very gorgeous, and was selected for its fantastic shape and composition, this gallery does not condone jokes about the location of the embroidered crown on the cushion.
The crowning jewel of arm chairs. Lots of sitting space, an exquisite and overly-complicated headrest, and a shade of green possibly inspired by dying plants. This chair is what defines this gallery.
Credits: All media
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