Flora and fauna

This is an exhibition that highlights the magical theme, Flora and Fauna. It showcases flora growing at its finest and fauna roaming free in the wild. The different images and paintings in this exhibition show how fauna can be represented in its natural habitat and how flora can grow free in the wild. The artworks range from paintings to photographs made by x-ray paintings. Some artworks are dark and mysterious, while others are full of bright colours and show beauty. World renowned artists like Ki Chang Hun and Erin Hochberg have created these pieces of artworks which now categorize as the Flora and Fauna exhibition. Although there are different meanings of each artwork, they each demonstrate flora or fauna within them. This exhibition shows you a mixture of modern and classical looking artworks. The artists have painted and photographed their personal interpretations about flora and fauna through their artwork. The artist have either created these artworks through their imagination or drew what they saw right in front of them. This exhibition is very interesting as it shows you a world that you have never seen or may rarely see. The artworks have been selected carefully to exhibit different variations of flora and fauna. Now you can take a look at these artworks yourself and embrace the beauty of all the artworks in this exhibition. 

Credits: All media
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