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You know the one.

This painting reminds me of the good times I had with the squad. Especially, because the people portrayed look like there having a good time, and laughing. (and almost naked?)
I enjoy this painting because of how weird it is. Its a very strange painting, with men displayed as deer, and lots of other details like that. The colours of the sunset are also very nice.
I like this painting because it reminds me of my childhood. The character in the middle's face looks like a mask my mom used to own.
This piece has a blend of colours that I enjoy, and I love the "movement" and "flow" it creates.I also really enjoy the graffiti in the foreground adding to its "Movement" as discussed earlier.
Similar to "Papy Dance", I enjoy the colours and how they move. I also feel as though the icey colors add a certain "Je ne sais quoi" feel to it, like the colours and movement were meant to be together.
The cold colours in this really put it together. I love the way the artists painted it too. I feel like the way they used all the space, and especially the negative space on the right and left adds to the feeling of this painting.
The way the artist painted this is really cool. Its very unique compared to the others. The way you can see the brushmarks really adds to the "cool" factor as well.
This painting is really nice because its different from just oil on canvas. Its on tile, which adds a very unique factor that I enjoy.
I really like curve of this painting, its looks very cool. It feels like I'm looking at a panorama photo, but more colourful, and artsy.
This painting is actually made up of 300 3x3 inch paintings, which is amazing. Its really cool, and very different compared to alot of the art I saw. I also like this because I don't get nearly enough potassium in my diet.
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