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The rich men of the Renaissance

A.The clothing tells us he is very, very rich. B.The black background tells us the subject wants us to focus on HIM. C.The artist wants the viewer to focus on him and how he is very rich. So, he told the artist to make people focus on him. D.His name is Jerry. He is the magistrate of the renaissance. From the painting, I can tel he is very rich. His clothes are red, and GOLD. He cares about money and power, which he has.
A.The clothing the subject is wearing tells us which class he is in. B.In the background, it is pretty much black, with a fancy bush behind him. He wants the people who see the painting to focus on him. C.The artist wants us to belive he is rich. For one, he is wearing all red. Also, he is sitting in a throne. D.His name is Darren II. I can tell he is rich, and is in the upper class. He is a royal king. He likes to pray. His hands are as if he is praying.
A.He is wearing red. Which tells us he is rich. B.The background of water ways, and pyramids tells us that he has lots of power. He is important being that he is wearing all red, and is in front of the pyramids. C. I think the artist wants us to belive he is powerful. I think this because he is showing him overlooking the pyramids. Also, it has great perspective. D.My guy's nome is Phillip. He is in the upper class, and his job is to overlook the trade routs, to make sure nothing fishy (haha) is going on.He has a very prestigious personality. He cares about his-self, his family and his job.
A.He is wearing black and red. Which means he is not wealthy, but above the middle class. B.The background tells us he is very powerful and rich. For one, his backyard is a private beach, so... he must be rich. I also got the thought by the fact he is wearing red, and holding a prayer. C.The artist wants us to focus on him, but also what his backyard looks like to show he is rich. D.His name is Paul. He is a highly respected priest in the upper class. In the painting, he looks like a person with a believing personality. He has a prayer in his hand so, he believes in Jesus. He doesn't have a family, and cares about the church, and doesn't like the whole change to humanism.
A.He is wearing lots of red. Which tells us he is wealthy. B.The background doesn't tell us much about the subject. I think this because there is just a door. C. The artist wants us to focus on him, and him only. I concluded this by the lack of things in the background. D.His name is Sandro. He is a knight advisor in the class of rich citizens. I can tell by his facial expression that he is a snobby rich person. All he cares about is money.
A.He is wearing all red. Which tells us he is rich. B.The all black background tells us he wanted the painting to be focused on him. He could be important because he wants to be focused on. C.The artist wants us to think he is important. I can tell because the background is all black, and focused on him. Which, with the black background, enhances the red he is wearing. D.His name is Brooks. He is a monk in the higher class. He seems like he has a very calm, silent personality. He likes and cares about the bible, and some pens, ink, and paper.
A.He is wearing red, gold, and lots of jewelry. B.The black background shows that the subject wants him to be focused on. He could be important being that he is wearing red, and lots of jewelry. C.The artist wants us to think he is very rich. He put in the tons of gold jewelry that the subject is wearing. D.His name is Louis. He is a rich king of England. He seems like a very humble person. He cares about his church, and keeping his people safe.
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