Google Art Project Virtual Exhibition - Leonardo Da vinci

In this exhibition, I have chosen to focus on Leonardo da Vinci and I have selected eight examples. Leonardo da Vinci is one of the greatest artists that has ever lived. He is the most well known name in modern art, with the most distinct style and eye for artistic creation. In this exhibition, I'm going to show the different styles and ways Leonardo paid attention to details and how that made him the great artist we all know him as.

This image documents the early activity of Leonardo with his master Verrocchio. I chose this image because of the way Leonardo paid attention to details, the way the body of Christ is nicely sculptured attribute to the way Leonardo appreciates arts.
When drawing this caricature, Leonardo paid attention to a lot of details. The pointed nose of the caricature, the perfectly drawn set of teeth, and the hatching lines slant downward from left to right shows how Da Vinci is a natural born artist.
Leonardo created this picture of two warriors going head to head in battle. The close attention to details of the drawing results from the use of live models. The force of expression recalls the shocking horror of the fighting rage soldiers face when they rush on each other with unrestrained ferocity in the heat of battle.
The Mounted Warrior shows the extravagant twist of the horse as it rears up. The vigorous dynamic composition of the rider and the horse's facial expression makes the sculpture look so real.
The Last Supper captures the drama of the moment when Jesus gathered the twelve disciples for Passover dinner and he told them that one of them would soon betray him. The range of facial expressions and the body language of the figures around the table bring the masterful composition to life and it made me add this masterpiece to my exhibition.
Two Groteque heads is an image of two different people with distinguishing features. One's nose is pointed downwards and he has a calm face on. The other looks tired and a little bit mad. They both have veils on and that would suggest something to me - marriage. The exterior absurdities tell me more about the monstrous realm of the human's mind. The facial expressions and the way both images complements each other made me add this to my exhibition.
This image shows a study of a nude figure on a horse, rearing in profile to the left. In this image, the horse is seen with a face of terror as a possibly dead man is underneath him. I chose this image because it carefully shows what happens in a war. The way the emotions ranges made this a wonderful piece to add to my exhibition.
The image of the study of the head of a soldier in the Battle of Anghiari shows an intense emotions and extreme states of mind reflected on the human face and the force of expression shows the shocking horror of the fighting rage of soldiers, rushing on each other with ferocity in the heat of a battle. This image was drawn with a pencil and Leonardo did a good job on this piece. The attention to details on the jaw, chin, and mouth shows that Leonardo knew what he was doing while creating this image.
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