A christmas Carol

Halie Allphin 

"There is nothing on which it is so hard as poverty." (A Christmas Carol, 40). In A Christmas Carol and during the early 19th century, a lot of people were mainly focused on how they could get more money. In the picture you can see the greedy man in the lower center with all of his fortunes surrounding him; above are people living less privileged lives. The greedy man is only focused on his possessions and riches. It was very similar in the real world and in the book to this, where all of the needy people were overlooked by the people that had the most to give.
"...they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population." (A Christmas Carol, 13). The population was growing very rapidly in the early 19th century, to the point where they no longer had enough resources to supply to everyone. In the picture they are killing people for what they think to be a good and reasonable cause, when really it is the exact opposite. Scrooge said in the book that it would be good for the common good if there were less people living on the streets, claiming that they are just a burden to everyone. People in the real world were often looking for work and there were many living on the streets, very similar to the streets of A Christmas Carol.
"Not to know that no space of regret can make amends for one life's opportunity misused." (A Christmas Carol, 23). This quote is basically saying that you don't want to suffer the regret of not doing something that you could have. In this picture the house is not finished but the people sit there like everything is completely normal. In the real world, people would take any chance they got to try and help their lives be better.
"I wear the chain I forged in life." (A Christmas Carol, 22). In the picture you can see that the girl is being pulled by a rope that is tied to her. This strongly relates to A Christmas Carol when Marley's Ghost comes in wearing the chains of his life. People needed to help each other out and treat others with respect and kindness, just like they would want to be treated.
"Ghost of the future!... will you not speak to me?" (A Christmas Carol, 70). This picture reminded me of the ghost of the future in A Christmas Carol. They are using large movements in the picture, like the ghost of the future who used actions instead of words. I thought this connected to the real world because no one knew what the future was going to be for sure; no exact words could be used to describe it.
"To hear Scrooge expanding all the earnestness of his nature..." (A Christmas Carol, 33). Scrooge is expressing through this quote just how much he has grown in wealth and power since is childhood. I relate this to the picture because the dancers are progressively getting bigger, like Scrooge's power and wealth. In the real world people did it just like that, getting more and more wealth as they learn more about business.
"He hoped the people saw him in the church because he was a cripple..." (A Christmas Carol, 54). Tiny Tim says this because he wants to remind the people in church of the true meaning of Christmas, and why we celebrate it. A lot of the time people would get stuck in the rush of the commercialized Christmas and needed a reminder of its true meaning. The woman in the picture may not be able to physically see the rainbow, but she can still feel the beauty of it, just like we did not see the events of the first Christmas, but we still feel the peace and joy that it brings each year.
"God bless us, every one!" (A Christmas Carol, 92) Tiny Tim says this at the very end, I liked how he said it, even though he needed the most out of all of them. In the picture it shows children getting ready. This made me think of how in the 19th century how they would send children to work as early as they could. Once they were sent out to work they would lose a little bit of their innocence and have a higher chance of becoming power hungry because they started so young.
"Another idol had displaced me... a golden one." (A Christmas Carol,40). In both the book and the real world, people could be drawn in my there riches, and fully absorbed into all of the pleasures of the world. People would lose their emotion for people and become completely devoted and dedicated towards the making and possession of money. The picture shows hands that have gold all over them, to me this shows that this person has been covered in greed and only cares for riches.
"I have not the power, spirit." (A Christmas Carol, 77) This quote directly relates that man is unable to see themselves fail and be at there absolute worst, it destroys their brain. The men in the picture are carrying people away who died doing labor. Instead of standing to the side, waiting for something easier to come along, they worked their hardest, to the point that it took their life. Many people in the 19th century worked their hardest to be able to be able to provide for their family, and failure was very hard for someone to accept of themselves.
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