This image uses high contrast. In this image you can see that the colors go from black to white. The black would also be considered the negative space in this image.
This image would be value distribution(balanced) because the lighter and darker parts in this image are balanced. It goes from light, dark, light, and to dark again.
This image would be Chiaroscuro because it has a dark background to increase the contrast. This image creates an illusion .
This image would be low contrast because it has a dull look to it. It has a faded look to it as well. This image doesn't work with the value scale as much as the high contrast in another image would.
This image would have to be attached shadows and cast shadows because of it spacing and because of it shows that the light direction is coming from the right.
This image would be considered to be a low contrasted image because of the light colors and how dull the image is. This image is also very bright so it might give a better mood to the viewers eye.
This image would be Chiaroscuro because of the dark background and the way the light hits the person you can tell the direction is from the left.
This image would be a low contrasted image because of the faded drawing and the lightness from the color. This image gives sort of a calm mood.
This image would be Chiaroscuro because it used the black background and the light is coming from the middle. This also uses a bit of cast shadow as well.
This image would be value distribution(unbalanced) because its mainly dark and it cause more of a dramatic tense towards the viewer
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