The elements In Art

The composition of earth, wind, fire, water, & void.

I chose this piece because I find the way the water is painted is different from anything I've ever seen. Quite a unique waterfall painting if you ask me.
This piece of art caught my attention because of the seamless reflection of the sky into the water. The slight ripple in the water is done perfectly, so is the reflections of everything around the water.
I chose this piece because of how calm the water is in a painting that seems to be the complete opposite. The calmness of the water and the way the clouds wrap around the tower creates an eerie, epic feel.
I chose this piece by Vincent van Gogh because it was made completely different in it's time period. The way he painted the sky to show the movement of the wind is very unique.
This piece was added to the collection because of the way the artist uses boxes to create a whole different feel to the water. The painting seems to go from calm (top left) to moving (top right), to what seems to be a complete storm (bottom half).
The way Frank Hinder drew this artwork of a bomber crash was interesting to me. The crash seems to be a lot calmer in this piece of art then it should be. I have never seen someone make fire so calm and smooth before.
Frederic Edwin Church's use of the elements in this work of art is perfect to me. The rainy clouds and the opening of sky are what drew me into this work of art.
This work of art shows wind and water incredibly. You can tell just by the way the water was painted that the wind is farm from calm this day, especially in this setting.
Graciela Iturbide took an amazing photo in México. The sky perfectly reflects in the slight puddles on the ground. The clouds seem to be very close to the ground and close to the artist.
Therman Statom's piece entitled House on Fire is one of the best painting's I've ever come across. He uses colors perfectly to distinguish the background from the house, yet still manages to make the house seem see-through, with a unique look on a house fire on the inside.
If you can't tell already, water seems to be one of the coolest things to me. Yokoyama Taikan painted this flowing water scene that, to me, is quite amazing.
Although a simple woodland scene. I find the artist's use of shading was what made this painting so great. The green's go from light to dark perfectly when they crescent over the rocks, from sunlight to shade.
I love this piece of art by Murakami Kagaku. The sky is not the hue of blue as most would expect. It's more of a dull blue, which is more of what I would expect in autumn. He creates a cool effect that the sky seems to dissapate at the top of the trees.
This was really unique to me. The trees in the background look like they've been photographed, but everything in the foreground (the houses, the water, the reflection) seem almost painted.
Credits: All media
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