Body ARt: human kind's OBSESSION with the perfectibility of the body

As we approach the end of our journey upon the U.S.S. Honors Mosaic II, we are left with only the memories of our readings and our discussions. Both of which subconsciously toy with our perceptions and internalizations of the human body; the vessel in which we float, fly, fight, and fantasize through life. From the beginning of time, human kind has been obsessed with the human body as the center for ritual, art, and social life. From Pico Della Mirandola's "Oration On the Dignity of Man" he stated that "man is the most fortunate of all creatures and as a result worthy of the highest admiration and earning his rand on the chain of being...". DaVinci's Vitruvian Man shows the perfect symmetry of a perfect human.  

Jewelry has always been a way to express beauty through body adornment. Initially beginning as ritual costume jewelry has evolved into a form of self-expression.
Greek and Roman sculpture were known for showing perfection in the depiction of their gods.
A woman's body has been the focal point of art for ages. Early in art history a heavier woman was considered more desirable and beautiful. Isn't it interesting how that stereotype has changed so dramatically in our modern time?
Body art is a main characteristic for societies around the world. For centuries people have been decorating themselves with ink to represent spiritual and self-expressive art work.
This sculpture is a personal favorite. Degas uses this image of a dancer, which he is known for, and is able to express so much sentiment through body language.
After reading Snow Crash, I was led to wonder if at any point will we be simply uploaded to a hard drive and care more about avatars then taking care of ourselves.
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