Earth's amazing art

This is my art gallery from all of the world and I chose these because they were cool and I thought others would think so as well so enjoy and I hope you like it.

In this picture all i see is a space ship looking over earth like some astronauts in space. This makes me think of when America launched apollo 13 to go to the moon and they say earth and all of it's shape. Today you can pay a lot of money to go up in a small shuttle and see earth from space as well as be in 0 gravity for 4 minutes. That is really cool in my opinion and i would like to go up in space and see the earth from space and be in 0 gravity.
This picture is a bunch of hand prints on a wall. To me I see that as art that brings people together when they see that street art. It mostly helped the people who participated as well when they helped put hand prints on the wall. Even in the hardest times it can really help someone if they are depressed or just straight out sad and need something to lighten up there day of need and love.
This waterfall if you can see is three dimensional and shows artistic skill and how people use different colors to make things look cool. This could help someone with sad things because water or stuff that makes soothing noises if you have a big enough imagination. This could also be a symbol of calmness for people so they can calm down after something that made someone mad or sad.
In this i see a US flag and people gathering together around buildings and the buildings are curved like a smeared picture but it is still very artistic. I think I also see another countries flag but I am not completely sure what country it is. This could be a symbol for war or people breaking apart. There are three buildings and one is curved, one looks like a congress building, and on looks lie a house.
Here is a half man half horse protecting another one of him from a tiger using a rock to get rid of it to save the other. to me this shows friendship and trust that someone cares for you to save your life when you are in a time of need. It looks like the other thing was being attacked by two tigers and it's friend killed one and is about to hurt or kill the second one.
This an art picture of the last day of pompeii. This is when the volcano right next to the city and them all dying from a massive eruption. Today you can go there and see all the different things that got destroyed and you can even see the people how got killed and covered in ash. There are people who are like a statue. This picture makes me think of how quickly an entire group of people can be killed and how dangerous our earth can be.
These are Roman coins and Rome used to be a big deal a long time ago and they also had the most people and the most money. These coins make me think of how far we have come and how much they idolized their leaders because as you can see there is someone on it. These also make me happy of everything I have that they didn't have and that i am grateful for.
This is war and how violent it is. I have been thinking about joining the military and serving my country. This just shows what happens deep in war and what can occur. I like this because it shows people serving their country to keep all of us free of bad things like terrorists, dictators, and other really bad things like those. It also shows what we have and how we use these weapons to win.
A sea turtle swimming through a hole shows that they are free because they are endangered and majestic. I don't know why anyone would have hurt them in the first place and if they did it for food that is nasty. In Hawaii you can't even touch them with your bare hands or swim with them because that is how protected they are. I believe that we should continue saving them and let them be and don't harm them anymore.
This art shows that the underground can look just as good as above ground. It also looks like the future and something you would see in a movie that takes place in the future with robots and aliens. To me this makes me think of how everything can be the same and just as good as well as people treating everything the same as other things.
A spartan is what I see and this reminds me of what I learned in social studies about the Romans and the Greeks. How they had wars and war armor with a spear or sword. I also read books about Greek and Roman mythology. These both had a god of war which in Greece his name was Ares and in Rome he was called Mars. He originated from the Greek and roman wars that is when he became a god and he was a spartan. This is also possibly a leader of the country and directed the troops.
This person made some art on Mount Rushmore but colorful and not just stone. This is cool because one it is three dimensional and two they make it all work well together. I like this because I love this country and it shows our founding fathers and other great presidents. This is something that I could look at and remember how without these people our country wouldn't be the way it is besides our debt and war.
This looks like some hybrid lion/tiger that was infected with a disease. It also looks like one of the animal things from hunger games. I feel like if that was a real thing it would be very dangerous. I also like it because even something that is sloppy can still look really good and maybe inspiring to some people. This isn't inspiring to me but it could be for someone else.
This picture shows probably in a old news paper. I think this is interesting because even a long time ago they still had boxing. It has come a long way from this and more advanced. We also have tv to televise it which makes it easier so you don't have to go somewhere and pay to watch the fight. Just the other day I saw a featherweight championship of the world and the irish man beat the brazilian in 13 seconds to be the champion of the world.
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