Blue Spirit By Kaitlyn Simpson

Art work from the past and the present, and a little bit of blue shows my love for the outdoors. I like the urban feel, but still have a classic taste in my gallery. The artwork I chose has bright and soft colors to show that I want to be heard but I also have a kind heart. Animals and sea shells symbolize nature and getting away from technology. Try stepping outside and getting a breath of fresh air. A good place to feel free is down by the sea take a good look through the gallery and see what I mean. 

This mural shows a spray painting on a brick wall. It is black and white with a pop of blue which I love. I picked this piece because the women looks peaceful and free.
This mural has a butterfly and an animal skull in the women's hair showing a natured spirit. The saturation really pops out at you. The way she's holding her hands out represent kindness and care.
I see the dog has lots of colors which tells me the dog has lots of loving to give. Dogs are a great distraction from your phone and is good company for outdoor activities.
I love the pop of color, but the soft touches show how peaceful the painting is. The sky looks mystical, but the water looks realistic. Looking at this could relieve all my stress and worries.
The waves look chaotic, but the brush strokes make it look calm at the same time. It really goes with my theme of being heard but having a warm heart.
This artwork is different than most in the collection but I picked it because the curved lines remind me of waves. I get a cheap thrill riding through waves. The beach can be a fun place to be.
The four men walking by while the rest sailing through on a boat represents my favorite motto in life which is, work hard stay humble. I believe its good to be successful but don't gloat about it.
Looking at a beautiful scenery helps my worries disappear. I love how the water looks so serene.This painting represents my love for the outdoors.
This painting represents not staring at a phone and going out to enjoy what nature has to offer you. As a kid I loved collecting sea shells. It is something I wold like to do with my kids one day.
Although this last piece isn't a painting, it sill goes with my theme. This aerial shot reminds me of spending time with friends and family at the beach. Stop looking at your phone and enjoy the view.
Credits: All media
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