The meanings and uses of different colors

The dark red showcased in this art gives it a very dark mood
The yellow showcase a very warm color feeling. It makes me feel warm looking at it
The dark blue here gives a very cool mysterious vibe.
The black here is very strong and firm. It showcases heaviness
The grey here gives off a very stone quality. It gives off a level of firmness
This baige here really matches well with the other colors. It enhances them and gives itself a much more relaxed feel.
This whole picture is given a dark color pallet that changes the entire mood of the picture, making it allot more negative
The yellow here, representing confusion and craziness even more so, enhances the craziness of the suicide in this artwork
This entire picture is given a lighter hue to enhance the feeling of the picture, making it a lot more positive
The color mixture here of dark colors, gives this artwork a lot more of a mysterious film
The warm orange hue of this gives this entire picture a very warm feeling
The blue in this artwork gives this picture a little bit more of a slightly dangerous vibe being taken place at night
The color layers here are painted over extremely well, making each aspect of color a mixture of dark and light.
The red hue covered over this artwork, gives this entire picture a much more scary vibe to it
The brighter hues in the water and sand in this picture matched with the darker hues of the green, really opposes each other extremely well
Credits: All media
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