Georges Seurat

Since we were doing pointillism in class I thought I would comment on the inspiration for the project.

This piece is great. It is so simple yet so expressive. The choice not to use color gives the work a melancholy feel. The openness of of the figure and wispiness of the dots makes the image feel ghostly like the women is holding on and waiting for something rather than letting go. Really simple yet dramatic.
Moving on to color, this piece has a completely different feeling than the first. There is energy and motion created by the long lines which make it easy for your eyes to move over the piece. The horizontal lines and warm colors were also meant to evoke happy feelings. The figures are a little more solid but still foggy. If you zoom in you can see that most of the figures are outlined with blue rather than black , which adds to the lightness of the piece. The jester in the foreground in red is the focal point of the piece. Over all the composition is great , easy for the eyes to follow with a lot of depth.
Another great composition. The repetition of the figures in red creates a nice rhythm . The shapes along the border add to the rhythm moving your eyes around the canvas, and yet again the main in the foreground is the focal point drawing the eye to him with visual weight created by his dark value.
Moving on to a landscape, this painting uses perspective and color to create an interesting work.The proportion of the dots has been increased making the painting less about form and more about feeling. The elements-- water, light, foliage, and structure-- are mingling in a beautiful soft way that make the work a success.
This painting also displays the dots, but keeps the forms more discernible. The amount of color is incredible probably spanning the entire outer rim of color wheel in one tree trunk. The yellow in the grass is amplified because of the violet in the border. The greater range of value in the foreground and the use of light create a good sense of depth. Another successful composition by Seurat.
Credits: All media
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