Elements of art

"I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work." Sidney Cline

This picture of the Buddha statue that is located at Six terrace shows form. The way it is sculpted and the feet are crossed and the hands are in a soothing position, it all shows form.
This New York street art shows color, from the solid black to the bright popping red accents that highlight and catch the eye. And the bronze highlights. It even shows zero space to show dimension.
Roy Lichtenstein piece 'Alka Selterz' shows texture, from the way he did the back round with the symmetric dots to the way he did the glass and tab of medication even with the water.
'Avenue of trees' shows the element of lines from the brown strokes of the palm trees trunk to the leafs on the top, then it shows the shadow of the palm trees
Credits: All media
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