Natasha's Gallery

CALL 911 Cuz' this is an awesome rolling pin i would love to have this to make cookies. But to be serious the quality of this sculpture is an A+
i'd like to have this in my room because it reminds me of my cat and even though it is in another language it is still great art. The shading and show of no lines is stunning.
My choice was easy i thought it was a beautiful portrait of flowers. The butterfly and the shells were a good touch also, this must have taken some time but for this i'm glad mostly for the color choice or shading.
The picture isn't that amazing but it has an amazing shade vibrant blue and i enjoy to look at it.
This piece art is very interesting. I'd like to think that this is a tribal item but if not it is still pretty cool . I can only hope this would have a soft or nice texture to it.
I choose many pictures and sculptures but this one stands out. I love this and want to see one in my living room for it's form it's beauty knows no bounds.
This a beautiful portrait of the land i'm not sure who made this but whoever did is very good with both shading and color choice.
I picked this because there is always a fell of wonder. Is it a dragon? Is it a snake? Don't ask me i have no idea! I also like this because of it's tone.
I picked this because of it's colors. The mesh of blue,black,red,and white.
I picked this because it is a beautiful picture of this woman. I also like this for it's positive space.
I picked this one because it has depth and the idea that most artists cant put into a sculpture. I also like this for its texture and color choice.
I picked this because of it's color and this is the first time i can look at a spider ad not say"KILL IT WITH FIRE!"
I like this because i believe in unicorns and it was great to see someone else like them too, it's form is great too.
I picked this because of it's color choice and i have seen it before and i can't think of were if my life counted on it. But anyway i like to look at it.
I put this in my gallery,because of it's texture and it is an amazing part of Australian past. And it shows how much we as humans change.
i chose this sculpture because of it's texture and positive space.
i choose this to be in my gallery because of it's shape and texture. The colors aren't to bad either.
I picked this because of it's color, it's shape is another way of showing what two things don't really go together, do.
i picked this sculpture because of it's image the pictures placed into the glass is truly amazing.
i picked this because of it's texture and color combined it is truly a point of beauty.
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