Alternative Assignment

A selection of photographs from the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum

1. This piece stood out because it is a strange picture for the time, not a portrait or landscape. 2. Simply an industrial design 3. I could not recreate this, but I model contemporary chairs
I as drawn because it's monochromatic but has such detailed shading This picture seems to be a drawing of a statue, rather than a normal portrait. If I could remake it, he would strike a grander pose.
I enjoy Greek and Roman mythology a lot This image functions as depiction of a mythological story There is no real way to redesign Greek myth, though the personifications could be altered
I chose this picture because it seemed to regal to pass by This would likely hang in the home of the owner of the summer house. I could recreate this image if the building depicted was still intact
I like this piece because didn't appear to be drawn by an artist, but by a cartographer. This piece was excerpted from a map of New York. It would be possible to recreate this, perhaps somewhere else
I like the colorful symmetry across this piece. The function of this piece was likely to be a mural in mansion, sharing a story of life. If i could recreate this I wouldn't change anything.
I chose this because it reminded me of the Sistine Chapel, elegant and meaningful. A religious scene, this ceiling design functions as something to have faith in. To be modern, I would add more color
I chose this picture for its simple color set yet striking detail. This design is supposedly for the initial "F" but has mythological imagery. I could recreate this, using Western mythos figures
I chose this because of how simple yet interesting it was. This is a simple industrial design for a box, a representation of a physical object in 2D. I would design a box with more intricate designs.
This was one of the few pieces that was a design of a story on a physical item, a folding fan. This piece serves an actual function, also with aesthetic value. I would update the story to one with personal meaning
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