Minimalism is any design or style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect.

Like jellyfish, the house attempts to incorporate emerging material and digital technologies in a reflexive, environmentally contingent manner.
Vigorous areas of color are contrasted with fine, twisting lines.
Richard Smith began using overlapping thin flat planes instead of using three-dimensional manipulation.
Sol LeWitt's late works have been likened to Italian frescoes. As LeWitt became older, his work became more colorful and full of life.
Josef Albers used a light grey as the whole background , and then he just started to layer the greys on top of each other.
This work is a combination of sculpture and painting. Anne Truitt did not see this work as minimalist in the sense that other members at the Washington Color School did.
This work includes nine pieces of baked enamel on brass with black line. The work shows the perfect square in five different sizes.
The viewer is supposed to be able to interact with this work as it can be moved and opened.
The names of the colors are listed next to the square of color. The squares of color almost make a city on their own.
No two frames share the same dimensions or frame color.
The shape of this work is very minimalistic as it is only a square and it's base. The only detail on it (other than the color) are the half circle lines that run across it.
This work is minimalistic because it is made out of shapes and lines. This work doesn't even include color.
A lot of Mohammed el-Melehi's art works involve these curvy lines. The circles appear to be the moon at the same stage.
This work is 10 ,000 pencils put into a wood panel in the shape of a person and a square. The density of pencils increases as they come closer to the shape they are going to make.
The work contains geometric designs in either shapes or lines.
The simplistic ovals and line show that the minimal amount of elements are here.
Aiha was fascinated with calligraphy as a kid and wanted to be able to do it himself. However, instead of incorporating calligraphic letters into his works he created his own line .
Swaminathan used symbols that are also used in tribal art.
The Tecelares series represents Pape's transition form Concrete style to Neo-Concrete style. Pape created movement and space where it would normally be flat and static.
This work is an optical illusion and creates space and depth in a flat work.
In 1990, Louise Bourgeois published an illustrated book titled the puritan which contained eight hand painted plates, this being the first.
This work was made on a four panel lacquer screen meaning that it can be separated into four sections.
Ellsworth Kelly emphasized the basics of color, form, and shape.
Ellsworth Kelly's Tableau Vert was heavily influenced by Claude Monet
All of Ellsworth Kelly's work makes a large emphasis on color and it's importance in art.
This work used gilt bronze and stainless steel in making the "sun", and 34 neon lights for the "moons."
Paul Klee wanted to master color as soon as possible and this work shows his use of color.
Paul Klee enjoyed children's art and so this work is a mix of both his want to master color and his love for children's art.
After being temporarily blinded, San Keum began to create work entirely made of beads. This art style is similar to pixel art.
Another work made by San **** made entirely of small beads.
Each bead represents a letter, each group of beads symbolizes a word and each group of words is the ***** for a sentence. Through this process, the texts become codified. The legibility of language is replaced by beauty of pure form.
Goes along with the Study of Vertical and Horizontal.
Shows San Keum's experience when he was blind.
While this work has more detail than most others in this gallery, it is still minimalist due to it's simplistic design and color scheme.
This work is very square as it is made out of squares. This design is minimalist because it contains the minimalist elements of color, shape, and line with no additions.
Richard Serra is a minimalist sculptor. Gate is made out of two colors and lines. These are the most common elements used in minimalist art.
Dan Flavin's work uses light to create the color and space. He used incandescent tubes and fluorescent lights at the ends to create his work.
This work is made up of rectangles in a gridlike shape but without regularity. His images appear to float above the paper.
André Volten's work is very geometric and symmetrical.
This work is primarily made of colors. While the shapes aren't very simple the fact that it's only made of colors is what makes it minimalistic.
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