My afternoon Musings

2015 May 5th I hope to look at one set a day.

5th May 2015 - The Ned Kelly series by Sidney Nolan. Fascinating tale of an outlaw in Australia.
Cézanne's works : May 6th 2015 His works are a bridge between the impressionist of the late 19th century and 20th century art. Matisse and Picasso claim to have said "He was a father to all of us."
7th May 2015 Ceramics from Kütahya detailing coffee culture. Coffee was discovered in the 15th century in Ethiopia & made it's way to the Ottoman empire. It was ritualised & was a part of social life
8th May 2015 - Henri Matisse : While these don't show pictures from his fauvist period, I find those (1900-1910) my favourites. They are on his wikipedia page.
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