the Sea

The sea is a wonderful natural landscape which in art is interpreted in many different ways conveying different meanings or stories, whether the sea is portrayed in a gloomy and cold manner or whether it’s bright and fun.  Artworks on the sea have been created from the past to even now in the present. The Sea is the theme of this exhibition where you will see both the past and the present artworks. The Sea exhibition is to look at the ecstatic, different artworks of different media relating to the theme. Some artworks are about under the sea and some about above the sea will be featured in this exhibition. The chosen works in the exhibition relate to each other as all of them are related to the sea. All of the selected artworks convey meanings about the sea, whether it’s beautiful or whether it can be a dark, cold place. The artworks are highly effective in portraying ideas of the sea, all contributing different ones. Each artwork has a concept of the sea. Certain works together relate as the meaning of the artwork are similar and also as some artworks are the same medium they can relate to each other as well.  The artworks selected also relate to the theme of the Sea as not only ideas of the sea are shown but parts of the sea are shown it is above the sea, under the sea, or sea plants and animals. So, explore the exhibition and search the many ideas, concepts, meanings in the artworks with the theme The Sea.

This artwork evidences the post modern frame. The artwork uses recontextualisation.
This artwork strongly characterises the cultural frame. This is because the artwork is based on Religion.
This artwork is evident in the subjective frame because it depicts feelings and emotions
This artwork supports the structural frame by the use of a range of colours, patterns, lines and many more