The Magnificent era of the         renaissance 

Created By: Ashley Laing and Andrea Lazara

We can tell that this is a Renaissance work from the detailing lining from the clothing the sculpture is wearing. Another item that stands out are the shadowing of the painting.
This piece of art have various lines which means this is a magnificent piece of art from the renaissance era. The fingers look very realistic like someone is actually handing their arm out for you.
In this picture you might be able to see that they all have halos on their heads so that means that this picture is clearly religious. This painting is so realistic because you can actually see their reflection in the water.
Again in this picture you can see a halo which means this picture is religious. In this picture you can see that a man is saving a woman from a dragon which typically means that he a life saver and he is earning her love.
In this painting you can see someone spent a lot of time working on this because it is a molding. In this molding you see a woman and a couple of children by her side. This says that she is a protective woman that everyone can trust.
This painting shows that it is from the renaissance era because you can see the pot on the bottom left and it looks very chic and old. Also, there are men fighting with little use of clothing.
In this picture you can see that at the top it looks dark, mysterious, and it looks like war is happening. While at the bottom it's peaceful, quiet, and light. It is showing what is going on in the sky.
This picture is about the Last Supper. The Last Supper is about how Jesus and his 12 Disciples before he was being nailed to the cross. This painting shows that it is during the Renaissance era because of all the lines that they used in this picture.
This picture looks like it was from the Renaissance Era because of the frame it is in. It looks very old and fancy and very expensive. Also, the cloth that the people are wearing look very old.
This picture shows that it is in the Renaissance Era because of the frame. The painting looks very vintage because of the clothes they are wearing. Also, because of the book on the table and the chair that he is sitting in does not look like one of the chairs we use today
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