Harmony in the great outdoors 

The Great Outdoors affect my daily life and have such an impact on me. I love nature and animals. Traveling is so important and exploring is a great way to just get out and be different. 

I selected this for my anchor piece because it show harmony with nature and man. It was really beautiful with all the blues ,pinks and purples. It is very calming and pretty because it's so serene.
This show how civilization and nature can go hand in hand the colors go so well together and it really remind me of on the road traveling.
I love flowers and I love water like lakes, oceans and streams. The flowers once again the colors are so beautiful.
This piece is sooooooo lovely. I don't where to start my love for the mountains may have helped me out but it's so pretty and I capture the beauty of the mountains
The colors once again drew me to this piece because I love blues and greens. I also like how it doesn't look realistic per say but more of an drawing almost
I LOVE foxes and this reminds me of mountains because i got to see five fox kits right outside the cabin. I also like the wild flowers around them
Once again I love the mountains so I chose this because of the blues and oranges it kinda reminded me of the badlands.
This looks like the aspen forest that surround longs peak in the Rocky Mountains and they are so pretty.
The flowers colors are so beautiful and i love the butterflies. The window sill it's on looks so rustic almost the vase is so detailed i love it.
The lake and the mountains blend together it reminds me of a sunset. The reflections in the water look so realistic and it makes me want to boat and kayak.
Credits: All media
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