Express yourself

Graffiti artists have been said to not being able to understand how to express themselves until their paint reaches the canvas.

On this wall you see a piece with multi-colored shapes. The piece does not seem to have a big meaning to it but is mainly an abstract piece due to the multi-colors.
This piece shows the artists great understanding of contrast between of the different shades of blue in the piece. The blues can represent depression with the orange representing the good in life.
The piece shows a little girl that is sad trapped in a body that expresses happiness with a smile and all the drawings on the outside. The little girl is not able to truly express herself.
This scene shows a new perspective on the bus driver from the Simpsons. This perspective can show who he really wants to be but is limited to due to his job as a school bus driver.
Surrealism can be used to describe this piece. The vibrant colors of the piece make it amazing. The movements in the letters show that the artist took a good amount of time to think about the piece.
The movements of the letters can be used to show how the artist is possibly moving on from a woman that is a part of his history. The artist expresses his feelings by showing his new direction in life
The artist expresses his love for music with the words reading "Music is my religion". Complementary colors are used in this piece to make the letters stand out from the guitarists.
This piece shows some history that the artist has gone through in their life. It also shows that the artist is trying to make history with having more art on the streets. The words RIP show heartbreak
Stephane shows how we can use different perspectives on someone old piece to benefit someones new piece. With the red really capturing the mans emotions of anger he is not able to express physically.
The artist has a great understanding of contrasting his colors on this piece from the wall. They complement the pattern of the piece really well. The gold under the graffiti gives it depth.
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