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I've seen this huge painting in Amsterdam and it was breathtaking! Rembrandt's essential lighting strikes again, right in the middle of the painting. The sourse of this lighting is unknown and thus it is nearly from on high and godly. I think there's another light beam on the girl who runs behind the officers. Well this is one of the most popular and one of the biggest works of Rembrandt's. I chose this because I've seen it from a couple steps away and it was mesmerising. It was in pretty good condition after all the vandalism it had gone through. Bye the way this painting was named as "Officers and other civil guardsmen" here and I can't see why? The original name of the painting is De Nachtwacht (The Night Watch).
This is not Pop art like conceptualized Pop art, though it sort of is: A classical style follower with a new kind of perspective and figure setting mentality. I literally adore Hopper. I think he is not just a painter but a really good story teller. There is a heavy emptiness and noir flavor in this painting (along with almost all of his paintings) This emptiness and sharp figures and this noir notion in his paintings remind me of David Lynch. They both describe the darkest, the gloomiest America which I'm not sure if it ever existed because Hopper's works are so gloomy that they make me feel that they are telling a spiritual and a delusional story that can't be real. It is actually hard for me to express my feelings about his works as you can see.
This is a perfect example of Russian madness, proving the Russian painters had invented photography long before it came on the scene! I've seen some Russian paintings in real life and I couldn't help myself appreciating the richness in their details. It's almost impossible to find a brushstroke. It's like they are prints. and their lighting perception is just crazy! So I just wanted add this too to my collection, because I love Russian art (and also Russian literature, myths etc.)
Even though Van Gogh had a very "popular" style relatively the other artists of the post-Impressionist era, he was still a post-impressionist artist. So I added his this work to my collection. I don't have much to say about it though, except this make me feel quite complicated for some reason. The figure before the church and shadings in the painting is just perfectly make sense to me. The other think I adore in this painting is that the sky is dark. I can't say it's nighttime but it is obvious that it is dark. However the ground, the grass and the pathway is well illuminated. This contrast make a unique notion. That's it :)
Another Van Gogh masterpiece. I can't help myself thinking that tree on the left is actually a dark tower from his fantasy realm. I will always remain as the dark tower in my mind. Overall this is unquestionably a perfect piece.
"David painted The Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis during his exile in Brussels. The use of saturated reds and blues contrasted with flesh-tones and combined with a clarity of line and form typifies the Neoclassical style, which is characteristic of David's late history paintings." I place this citation here from and it's really what I think about this painting, overall. I don't feel like adding something else, except, I personally love this painting because its sharp colors and it is being the only painting that portrays Telemachus (i guess) Since I really fond the Odyssey, it makes me feel good watching and reading this painting for minutes.
This is Tintoret's one of the Mannerist paintings. In this particular work we see some serious perspective problems, along with, again, obvious postural disorders of the figures. Even though, first, all the Mannerist painters were crucified by the critics and art lovers, because they thought this art movement was simply a Renaissance rip-off, later they -somehow- found out that the Mannerist painters deformed figures on purpose because they thought figures were less important as "the spirit" should come forward. Some think that Mannerism emerged from what is left from the Renaissance era and it didn't do any good on behalf of art or inspiring Baroque and else. I think that this painting is a good representative of the Mannerist era. Well to be honest I agree with the ones who still think this movement is just a bad imitation of the previous era however I still think that it's like B-movie - Hollywood movies relationship. Hollywood movies might be first class and b-movies are cheap but b-movies have a kind of quality, even purposely it's very difficult to catch that kind of notion for any director. This or that, whatever the reason is, this has a place in history and that what matters after all, I guess.
Industrial Revolution literally pushed some artist embrace nature in their poetry and paintings. Most of the paintings of Romantic era displays Man meeting Nature. In this painting, the woman almost sink into nature as she literally sink into the lake. She looks like she has given everything, has given herself in nature. I chose this painting because I love the whole composition and coloring and shading. I also love the woman floating on the water concept.
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