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This piece captures a landscape and draws the eye to the island far out. I picked it because of the "rustic" look it had. I could probably re-create this piece, but I would want to add more detail to the piece and a little more color.
I like this piece because it is a simple drawing and since there is no color, you can see every detail. I also like the shading of each object in the work. I couldn't re-create this piece, I am not a detailed person when it comes to drawing and you can't re-create the exact shading
I like the light pastel colors used in this piece of art. I don't know the meaning of the picture, but I can tell what every object is in the piece. This would be a piece that I could re-create, but I would change the black lines and the black bow.
The rust-colored look of this piece made me like it. It outlines every object and captures the eye. I don't think I would be able to re-create this one because it is so detailed and it looks like a piece of art from the Greek age. It is very unique!
This piece reminded me of a time back around the "dinosaurs." I like how the light came in at the top, and it was suddle. I wouldn't be able to re-create this piece because the shadow on the lake is very detailed, and it would be very hard to do over again.
This piece reminded me of the greek gods and godesses. I liked the piece cuz it was simple but intracate. There was no color, but the shading made it pop. I couldn't re-create this piece because I wouldn't know who to draw each object. My drawing would be a lot different than this one.
I like this piece because of the color that is used. It was different from the other pieces, because it used many colors which made it stand out. It looks like a Chinese piece, and this piece would be very hard to re-create.
I picked this piece because of the unique sunset. It didn't have much color, but I liked the different shapes of the clouds. I could re-create this piece, and I would add a little more color but not too much to throw off the color scheme.
This piece was interesting because it was had to understand. It had some shading and looked very dull. I would re-create this with more color and make the lines more distinctive.
This piece was probably one of my favorites. It had the most color and really drew my eye. I wouldn't want to re-create this piece because I know I wouldn't be able to re-create it as well. I liked all the different colors used and how you could tell what the story was just by looking at it.
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