renaissance art

Charlie WaiteSean Holmes

The Last Supper represents many of the pieces of art that is realistic and has humanism in it.As you can see it is religious and you can see the natural flow of the human body.
You can see the human features in very close detail.
In this painting you can see her expression as she looks into the sky.
This painting is once again religous as jesus helps a villager with getting a bunch of fish for the eating.
In this sketch you can see the flow of the mans hair on his head and face.This is a very detailed piece of work.
This sketch you can see how people were very interested in the human body.You can see how a outstretched arm may look in real life.
This sculpture is very real as in you can see all the muscles.
In this painting you can see a knight saving a princess from a dragon.
This piece of work shows a mother holding her child in her arms while they are in the clouds.
Credits: All media
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