A gallery entwining various elements of value. 

This piece of artwork is an example of high contrast because of the way the black and white is defined. You know exactly what to look at and the center focus of the image. You know that the man and woman are the main focus.
This image is an example of low contrast because the darkness and lightness of the photo are not majorly different. The photo blends in together and there are many focuses in this art rather than just the one major focus.
The transition this clover has from black to gray is an example of a value scale. The difference in how much value is in the picture is easily readable because of the front to side comparison.
The picture is an example of value distribution. The black background gives it a more mysterious meaning than a white background could give. The darker background gives the picture a more darker feeling.
This piece is an example of an unbalanced value distribution because as you can see, the background both is a type of dark and light. The feeling of this picture is neutral except for the center piece which gives its own definition.
This picture is an example of volumetric value because this is a three dimensional piece. The shadows make it appear to stand out giving it a three dimensional feel.
This piece has examples of attached shadows on the subjects face. It shows the darker side of the face on the left side giving its facial features a type of shadow.
This piece has perfect examples of cast shadows because as you can see in the background theres an impression from their bodies cast against the wall from a light source if front of them.
This piece is an example of atmoshperic perspective because in the picture the further it is away the blurrier it gets. Like the mountains all the way in the background.
This piece is an example of chiaroscuro because of the evident light source and a pitch black background. This lightsource gives it many features that makes the facial features stand out more.
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