Keegan's Art Project

Well this picture captured by Keir Johnston,Ernel is perfect for color. As you look at it the sky is a majestic blue with puffy white clouds and then boom that piece in the middle catches your attention with all that different colored pattern and the green grass in front of it. This is a perfect example of color.
This picture taken by Jeanette Haigh is great for form. Do I even have to explain why as you look at the cylinders and mugs and spheres they all are 3 dimensional they are great for form. Great Picture!
This picture snapped by Alberto Garcia-Alix is great for shape. As you look through the tree you see a building which is also a rectangular form and very tall.
This picture snapped by Alberto Garcia-Alix is great for texture. As you look at the walls and patterns on them they look hard but when you look down at the carpet and design it looks so warming and soft.
This picture captured Kwon, Sunkwan is great for line. As you zoom into this photograph you can see lines on the buildings and windows. Even the very nice lines on the pavement and car driving around.
This picture captured by Atmosphere Photography is great for space. It shows it from a far away perspective and you can see all the things going onto this night of fun I love it.
This painting made by Alfred Sisley is great in color and just overall a beautiful painting. As you zoom in and out these colors painted are perfect and there is so many! As you zoom toward the house if you look next to the canal they did a great job is reflections of the water by using color. Just such a well put together painting very great use of color in this picture making it stand out and look beautiful.
This art piece created by Claude Monet is a very great example of space! As you look at it from you point of view you are looking down at a celebration. It seems o be like you could be staining on a balcony looking down at these festivities take place along the road. It seems like you very far away but we don't know that for sure the space is this photo is greatly used.
This art piece called the Vase created by Louis Comfort Tiffany really expresses form. This vase isn't your everyday 2-dimensional figure its 3 dimensional as you look at it. This vase is more like a sphere/ cylinder mixed as you see its sphere like in the middle and cylinder like a the bottom its a great use of form.
This art piece captured by Charles Mackintosh is a great example of texture. The reasoning why is this chair looks hard. Hard comes from a wooden chair I don't find those to be comfortable at all. The wood is old as you zoom in it has scratches all over it and its not your regular chair today . It just look like a seat you sit on and be like man this is so hard it isn't comfortable at all. (But thats just me)
This art piece created by Paul Cézanne really express shape. The way it does is he puts the food in great sphere like and the wine bottle is a cylinder in the background. Almost every object in this picture is shaped the table is a rectangle, the plates are circles. Its just a perfect example for shape when you look at.
This picture by Victor Baltard really shows a use in line because as you zoom into this art piece you can really tell the line and different techniques he used on this building. Victors lines are so detailed you can tell how much he cared about the lines he drew on the building and loves what he does expressing himself.
Credits: All media
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