The bill of rights

by william lombard

amendment 1 congress cannot make a law that prohibits the basic freedoms.
amendment 2 weapons are allwoed to be used in defense by the p[eople.
amendment 3 no soldier shall force themselves into a persons home without the consent of the owner
amendment 4 peoples belongings are safe to searches unless there is a warrant.
amendment 5 no one can testify against themselves andcant be put on trial for the same offense twice
amendment 6 there are speedy trials and the jury is composed of the people in the state and district where the crime has been committed
amendment 7 trials that exceed twenty dollars there is no trial by jury but will be tried against the rules of common law
amendment 8 no excessive bail or cruel and unusual ppunishments.
amendment 9 the peopl cannot retain certain rights
the powers of that arent in the constitution can be changed by the state.
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