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This gallery focuses on music and more so live performances and bands. I want the pieces to be around the modern art in  the Americas period. I really want to focus on Jazz music and the possible latin music this collection of images will highlight the instruments and lead singers. I want the pictures to in the Americas with lots of movement. I really want this collection of pictures to transport you back into what was taking place in these pictures. 

This mural painted by Gene Pendon depicts one of the Canada's greatest pianist Oscar Peterson. I fell in love with this picture because I love the use of colors and the use of the lines from the bricks. Peterson's smile is what really makes the mural "pop". From looking at the picture I could only assume that he had a deep smooth voice and could play a mean jazz piano.
This picture painted by a famous Bahamian Artist depicts a saxophonist playing his instrument. You feel his passion as he plays with his eyes close and the use of cool colors makes you feel like your at a jazz club. The musician large stature makes the instrument look like it could possibly be a tenor saxophone. The use of lines and shapes is something that also stands out. It makes you look at the picture from several different angles. What I can appreciate most is highlight the horn in the bright gold making it stand out in the painting.
Ella Fitzgerald is by far one of the greatest jazz singers that ever lived. The simplicity of this picture is amazing. She is sitting there and the photographer capture this image mid conversation. You can see from the image that Ms. Fitzgerald has her hands in a playing position. Possibly discussing jazz cord progression and getting ready to rift a line in a jazz song. The black and white aspects adds to the picture making it have a timeless effect. It's as if the picture could have been taken yesterday and still provide the same effect on the viewer as it does when the picture was taken.
Kendrick Lamar is by the far one of the greatest rappers alive and in this shot he is seen rapping to a live jazz orchestra at the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. This picture depicts everything that I wanted my album to be. It highlight music and the arts and show the importance of music. You can feel his passion and somehow you can hear and feel the orchestra playing in the background as he performs. The element of live music in this picture really adds to the picture. I love the way that the orchestra is in a dark color highlighting his performance.
In honor of my latin roots This mural Primo Joe Daley was fitting to add to my collection. The use of the dark colors really sets the mood for the mural. The dark colors really allows for the viewer to feel like they have been transported back into the jazz club. and the expression on his face really adds to the movement of the mural. What makes this mural different from the others in this collection is that you do not see the lines from the bricks present. Its as if it is all one smooth image. the hints of pink and purple really highlight the fingers and his lips as he plays the tuba. Also with his eyes close you really see him enjoying playing his instrument.
This picture highlights the future generation of jazz music. The photographer framed this shot so perfectly there is nothing else that can really be added to make it better. The use of color and how the blues tie into each other is great.From the photographer you can also get a sense of the texture of the elements in the picture. The brass horn appears smooth to the touch while the boys hair appears light and fluffy.
The strength from music is powering her to continue on her journey. This picture uses a lot of different colors to deliver the message. It also uses the elements of shapes and lines to help convey the story. The rounded lines are smooth and really helps to define the images within the mural. The colors also help so show warm and cool on certain areas such as the hole in the guitar and the closed fist.
The rawness of a female bare breasted playing a guitar makes the entire mural. The use of square colors allows for the viewer to enjoy the work of art. The colors are distributed evenly throughout the piece. And the same can be said for the spacing of the images. Everything has a balance and nothing is over powering the other. Also Ekeko uses dynamic shapes to create the illusion of movement with the female playing the guitar.
The movement, texture and color are the three main elements that stand out. From looking at the stamp you can see the movement in her hair and face. You feel the expression and the wind blowing allowing her hair to move freely. The texture of the picture appears rough and can feel the strokes of the paint brush along the page. And finally the colors. The artist selected a triadic color scheme using loud colors to convey a message of passion.
The texture of the picture is something that appears smooth to the touch with sections of roughness throughout the painting. The artist Romare Bearden does a great job of incorporating spilt complementary colors throughout the painting. What I really enjoy about this picture is the depiction of the two women at the piano. It appears as if one is receiving lessons while the other is teaching or you can also look at it as one is teaching while the other is singing. Similar to how it would be in a jazz club.
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