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This gallery includes representations of the Virgin Mary throughout history in painting and sculpture.            Gallery created by Fadrique Kindler Von Knobloch

The Sistine Madonna by Raphael depicts the Virgin Mary with Jesus Christ in her arms. There are also a man and a woman at her feet. Two angels rest at the bottom of the painting.
The Madonna and Child Enthroned with Four Angels depicts the Madonna in the center of the painting with Jesus on her lap. Four angels are flanking them on the sides.
The Virgin and Child by Vincenzo Foppa shows the Virgin Mary looking down at a book while she holds Jesus in her arms.
The Madonna in prayer by Sassoferrato depicts the Virgin Mary looking down with a tranquil expression while she prays.
The Virgin Mary statue by the Master of Rimini depicts the Virgin Mary with her hands crossed across her chest and looking down, which is a common way to depict the virgin.
The Virgin Mary by Philippe de Champaigne depicts the Virgin Mary barefoot, even though she is depicted outside, reading a book. She has a halo to show her holy status.
The Annunciation of the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary by Gaspar Dias depicts the moment where the Archangel Gabriel brings Gods news to the Virgin Mary. There is a group of angels over Gabriel.
The Virgin Mary by Jacques Callot depicts the Virgin Mary with her hands in a praying position looking straight forward. It looks like she is walking forwards.
St. Mary of Victory depicts the Virgin holding Jesus Christ to her left, her left leg bent to support the weight of the boy. She is looking down with a solemn face.
The Virgin Mary and Child with a Saint by Bartolomeo Montagna depicts the Virgin Mary holding Christ forward and a saint (on the bottom left corner) kissing his feet.
Credits: All media
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