Movement in a still image.

In this image you can see most of the elements have are representing some kind of movement. You can perceive the forward motion of the image by just looking at the movement of each element making dynamic shapes. This illusion is caused by the flowing of the lines, and how they have a motion to them.
In this image the illusion comes from the way the camel is jumping up in the air. The way the wind/smoke is build up it makes it seem as if the came is in mid air. You can also see some movement on the dancers the texture of their dresses make it look as if they are moving.
Out of the fire we can see the smoke has an up wards motion. Inside the smoke we can see other elements creating motion. We can see this happen because of the flowing lines and how they give movement to this still image that was once a poster.
Out of this mysterious lamp we can see different types of objects coming out. Because of the lines we can tell the objects are in a constant movement.
By the way this image was created we can tell that the bodies are floating around. This illusion was created by giving movement to the background therefore making the image be at a constant movement
The way the doves and the lady are flying in the picture give us the illusion of movement through the whole poster.
In this image we can see the movement of the gun. The fact that we can see action on a still image is an illusion on its own. The people in the background also add a movement effect to the image. The colors around the main elements like the gun make it seem as if the gun is being fire t the moment of the photo.
Out of the fire we can see the smoke raising and taking an up wards motion. The fire also has a woman in it. The woman has the same motion as the fire. This is the illusion of this image. The way it was brought together it gives it a motion.
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