In this part, I'll explained some kinds of artefacts related to newspaper and also give some explanations about some posters and illustrations that I think quite meaningful.

This poster is a good example for the interaction between image and text, common relationship in picture books. The word "무대" and the background embodies that limited our thought and also magnify its actual form in our imaginary world.
It has many circles where originally the letters were placed. We can easily acknowledge the array of the origin newspaper. White space would be for picture. I'll continue to explaining it on the next image.
It has big white space on central of its left side. I think the center gave us the very important meaning that it is the most important one than others.
The bottom of its left side, there is also a big white space, following our stereotype it must be for the advertisement. I think the reason why it was placed on that side is that we read letters from top to bottom.
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