The Art of Beautiful Symmetry

Catherine Brown. Full Sail University. Art History. 

I chose this mural for my gallery because it is very symmetrical and I love the vibrant colors. I also love owls so I really enjoyed seeing this mural.
I chose this picture for my gallery because I love the details. The symmetry from the sculptures and how the paintings are placed in the room really creates motion within the whole piece.
The symmetry shown in this piece of art is very interesting because it really makes your eye move to one side of the picture to the other. I love the colors.
I really love this symmetrical photograph. The whole picture is very balanced and I love the focal point of the couple standing in the center of the picture. I also love the contrast of the picture.
This mirror frame is very beautifully designed with a beautiful symmetrical value and also amazing details; such as those of the roses wrapped around the women.
Although this painting is not perfectly symmetrical, it still holds the symmetry balance and is very appealing to the eye. I love the colors used; the blue for the dresses really pops.
This piece is very intricate and the symmetry is very appealing to the eye. I also love the movement within the piece.
I love this drawing because of the perfect symmetry and the colors. The drawing is very pleasing to the eye.
I love the symmetry in this panel painting. The four panels on the right and left side of the main painting hold the same weight as each other and balance it out. I love how detailed the pictures are.
This is definitely one of my favorite painting of all time. Martin van Meytens did an amazing job with the symmetry. I also love the colors and the feel of being exquisite when looking at it.
I really love this painting because the three totem poles really balance the painting. I also love the multiple shades of green used.
I really love this piece. The symmetry is perfect and I also love the colors. The blue in the middle and in other places around the middle of the piece really pops and draws your eye in.
I truly love this photograph. The symmetry is really what caught my eye at first and then the depth drew me into the photograph.
I chose this piece for my gallery because of the beautiful symmetry with how the piece of art is rolled at the ends, and also because it seems like it is filled with historical value. I also love the colors.
The symmetry isn't perfect in this photography but still has the symmetrical balance and feel to it. I love the way this photo projects the feelings of being hot, tired, but also very peaceful and relaxing.
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