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I like that how the gray building gets it life from the color and the cool fiqures that seem to be hanging from the roof and hoe they all seem to have their own personality like one in happy the other looks angry.
I usually don't enjoy this type of dull art that does not have a topic but I truley enjoy this. I like the contrast between the red and different yellows and like how it's not really finished. I think this is my favorite so far.
I have seen this artist with the graffiti of weird creepy guys before that contain lot of character but in this one I like how instead of the things being colorful the the wall is colorful and the creatures are black.
My uncle always tells me that now since we have pictures we don't need to be so realistic I think this has a bit of what he was saying. would add this to my list of favorite artworks.
I like this one much better than any other ones. I like how it is a bit creepy and how it's not beautiful being perfect but being like in shadow, like you can't really see it. This is going to sound creepy but I think this represents death.
I like the way it, for me, feels like the table was left in such a state that it was like the person that owned it left that place. I like how it is totally white and that it is 3D.
This is kind of like the other one but I like that this one looks like there is something spreading through the red like a cancer or evil. I think it is even by the same painter as the yellow one.
i like it I like that if you zoom a bit more you can see that they used something like oil paint to make it because its surface is not smooth but rougher I like that.
I think this is set up in a studio but I like that it has a bunch of stuff you might never think that they have something in common I like the fishes especially
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