elements of art/design

"I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work"  Olivia Bockenstedt

The drawing is explosive with curved lines overlapping everywhere. The texture is implied but it looks like the work would feel rough. Also the artist uses more cool/neutral colors on this artwork.
This sculpture shows form because it encloses volume. There is also negative and positive space the way the lines wrap around each other making holes in the artwork. The sculpture looks like it has smooth sides and sharp edges.
The artist uses irregular shapes to create this bronze sculpture. the texture appears smooth. The artwork also appears bumpy.
The artist uses pinks and oranges instead of the more realistic neutral colors. The artist also uses implied lines on the second stone to the right of the artwork. Lastly we can tell the artist used swift brush marks when painting.
The artist uses value with the lighter and darker shades of green. The artwork only consists of cool colors. Lastly the more you zoom into the painting, the more you can begin to see the implied, rough texture of grass.
The artist uses positive and negative space in this painting. there are implied lines on the edges of this artwork. Lastly the painting has mostly curved and wavy lines stretching across.
This painting has a rugged texture with the spontaneous brush marks creating the illusion of a field of flowers. The artist uses mostly cool colors on the trees, grass and people. Finally the artwork has many values of blue used for the shadows in the painting.
Credits: All media
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